Meet Patti Jones
Patti - Owner of Chubby Chick Yoga
Patti - Owner of Chubby Chick Yoga

My yoga journey began in 2012.  I had been divorced and was raising three children completely on my own, working full time, merely juggling life instead of living it. Gaining weight like it was going out of style, with little time for working out or preparing healthy foods, I knew I needed to bring a little grounding to my life.  If I went to the gym and jumped on a treadmill, I spent the entire time thinking of my endless To-Do list, and how I had no time for this treadmill business when there was real work to be done; however, in a class, I was committed, I knew I had booked this time and was committed to it.  Plus, I was not going to withstand the embarrassment of giving up early or walking out of class before it was over.

I also learned that I was blessed with a very special gift that most overweight people don’t possess.  I don’t care what other people think of my size, or my physical fitness level, my journey is my own.  I am comfortable in my skin, no matter what my size.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I always like the way my jeans fit, just that my overall self image, and self-esteem is pretty high for a person of substantial size.   I wanted to do yoga, I didn’t care if I didn’t blend in, I don’t often blend in, but I was going to do show up, learn, and figure all this out.

Most people who begin their weight loss journey are uncomfortable in their own skin, they feel judged by most of our society, like everyone is looking at them.  How many times have you felt like the fat girl in the room?  Plus, the perceived image of a yoga class is that it is full of skinny, perfect, bendy, flexible people.  Those of us who dwell in a yoga community know that this is far from the truth, and that we are all battling our own demons – yes, even those skinny, perfect, bendy flexible people battle their inner critic.

So, that’s how I got here.  I fell in love.  Head over heels in love with that feeling of accomplishment, the stretching, the movements, the grounding and the centering that yoga gave me. Plus, the warm, loving support of the yoga instructor holding space in that class.

My practice wasn’t perfect, it still isn’t, but it belongs to me, and me alone.  I also created a community that was welcoming and warm.  A community that teaches you to work on you, and not worry about others.  An entire philosophy that guides you in growing, in becoming, of letting go, of just simply being, in being the best you that you can be and that is enough.

Welcome to my journey, and hopefully, it will intersect with your journey and we can travel this path together!