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Find Your Place,
Your Space, Yourself

Patti specializes in helping beginners.


Chubby Chick Yoga is about helping aspiring yogis find their flow & enhance their lives not only through the physical practice but also through all 8 limbs of yoga as taught by Patanjali.

Yoga is about more than the perfect poses you see on Instagram.


It's about bettering yourself and the world around you. Learning to go inward to connect your mind, body, & spirit.

Patti will guide you through the practice with warmth & playfulness to help you feel comfortable as you understand the inner workings of your soul. You'll feel supported to let go of whatever is holding you back.

Reach out today to see how yoga can benefit you & your loved ones.


Come and explore

 the practice of yoga as a lifestyle, not just as a workout modality.


Take a Journey like no other...

From the jungles of Costa Rica to the Rice Fields in Bali, experience a Yoga Retreat in paradise...

Client Reviews

"Patti greets you with smiles and humor that immediately relieves any anxiety before the class."

- Allie N.

Richland, WA

"I was privileged enough to attend a

Soul Deep Yoga Retreat in Bali

with Chubby Chick Yoga.


Learning about Bali, through the outings with our guides and Patti’s knowledge of the location, culture, and of course, yoga, made this a dream trip.

From the minute you arrive Patti puts you at ease. Whether it is getting to know the other participants or learning about yoga, Patti is there every step of the way. Patti uses a very all-inclusive yoga mindset, some participants were skilled with yoga and there were others (like me) that had never done yoga before.


No matter what your skill level you are, Patti will make sure you feel comfortable and safe in the yoga sessions."

- DJ. 
Afton, IA

Patti- DJ Review.JPG

"This trip was life changing for me. Patti made all the arrangements very easy. She was available for questions and provided all valuable information up front.


She made sure I had my hand held when needed or gave me freedom to explore. She did a great job of having plenty activities for all to enjoy. She has a firm knowledge of the area and culture in Bali.


It was truly an amazing trip. I will gladly send others her way. I hope to join again in the future!"


- Angie J.

Auror, CO

You Are Welcome & Safe in Our Space

This space is a Trans, Non-Binary, LGBTQIA+, Bipoc, ND friendly space.

You are welcome & safe both on my platforms and in our sessions.

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